Holmström Fastigheter Holding AB (publ) signs agreement to sell all shares in HAM Nordic AB

Holmström Fastigheter Holding AB (publ) has entered into an agreement to sell its ownership stake in Magnolia Bostad AB's (publ) holding company, HAM Nordic AB, to Areim.

Holmström Fastigheter Holding AB (publ) ("Holmström Fastigheter" or "the Company") and Holmströmgruppen have today signed an agreement on same terms to sell all shares in Magnolia Bostad AB's (publ) holding company, HAM Nordic AB, to Areim. HAM Nordic AB was previously owned 50% by Areim, 35.5% by Holmström Fastigheter, and 14.5% by Holmströmgruppen.

Upon signing the agreement, Holmström Fastigheter will receive an initial purchase price of approximately SEK 111 million. Transfer and payment of the Company's remaining shares in HAM Nordic AB are subject to financing and may bring in an additional total of up to approximately SEK 177 million for Holmström Fastigheter.

In the event of no financing, Holmström Fastigheter may receive up to approximately SEK 89 million from a divestment of HAM Nordic AB.

"It was a difficult decision to make as Magnolia Bostad and its employees are dear to us. However, we have received a good offer from a financially strong and competent owner whom we trust and who has the potential to further develop Magnolia Bostad to its full potential," says Fredrik Holmström, Chairman of the Board of Holmström Fastigheter.