Our goal is to be a committed and active owner of properties in a few selected areas. With a stable cash flow from our property porfolio as a platform, our aim is to capitalize on investment opportunities that arise and apply our unique personal commitment to creating value growth over many generations. This long-term thinking is important to us. We believe it’s the only way to continuously improve and develop the properties and investments in our portfolio – a fundamental driver to our growth and profitability.

Holmström Fastigheter Holding is a public company that is part of Holmströmgruppen AB, a privately owned group of companies focusing on residential construction, acquisition and management of real estate and trading in listed and unlisted holdings. The company's founder, Fredrik Holmström, is also the owner of the parent company Holmströmgruppen AB.


We believe in high service and quality and therefore our properties for self-management is actively managed with an emphasis on excellent service and quality products for sustainable, comfortable housing. We act and manage with the aim of maintaining our properties over many generations. Our other holdings have a long-term investment horizon, and we focus on is creating sustainable growth. Our goal is to achieve a stable balance between people, profit and planet. We are committed to long-term sustainable development and see environmental issues as a natural part of our work. This includes taking a responsible approach to the environment as well as how we treat people. We are also convinced that a sound approach to sustainability issues provides greater benefits, both for us as a company and for the world at large.


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