Holmström Fastigheter Holding works for sustainable development and we see sustainability issues as a natural part of our work. We take into account the environment and people and take responsibility for future generations.

We are convinced that a healthy approach to sustainability issues brings great benefits, both for us as a company, for our employees and for the outside world as a whole. For us, sustainability is about understanding our role in society and acting responsibly in the areas where we can influence.

We are committed
to a long-term and
sustainable development

By Marija Nikolic
Property and Sustainability Manager, Holmström Group


Through active review of our properties, all green electricity and the majority of our attics have been additionally insulated to minimize heat leakage. Lighting in garages and stairwells has been replaced with LED lighting and when appliances need to be replaced, our policy is that these should be switched to the most energy efficient. In 2021, we plan to start work on temperature measurement in apartments to streamline their control. We also carry out a survey to investigate how we will work with geothermal heating and heat recovery in the future.

For us, it is important to create the conditions for our tenants to live a sustainable life. Therefore, where there is a need, we enable the installation of charging posts for electric cars. We are also investigating how we can further develop waste sorting, as requirements for food sorting come into force in January 2023 in Stockholm. As property managers, we must also investigate how, in our role, we can minimize the risks that our properties will not be affected by climate change in the future such as extreme weather and temperature changes. This is done through analyses in order to understand how we can counteract the effects of climate change in our properties.


Holmström Fastigheter Holding strives to be an active and committed force in the locations where we operate. An important part of our social responsibility is that the Group's tenants should feel safe in their homes. Holmström Fastigheter Holding contributes to increased security in our properties by installing, for example, security doors, security-creating lighting and secure access systems.

In addition, Holmströmsgruppen, the parent company also supports charities such as Childhood Foundation, My Big Day and Wateraid.


We support the Childhood Foundation and their work for vulnerable children.

We support My Big Day in their work for children and young people with serious illnesses.

We support WaterAid and their efforts to improve people's lives through access to water.


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